Our Values

All North Carolinians should have the opportunity to receive a quality education, get a good paying job in the 21st century economy, achieve financial security and live in a safe, healthy environment.  

Jobs and the Economy

North Carolina House Democrats seek to grow the state’s economy through common sense policies that benefit of all who live and work here. We must support the businesses that choose to do business in North Carolina and the people and consumers who live here. Our focus is on building an economy that works for everyone and focuses on supporting North Carolina’s families and small businesses.


Every child in North Carolina must have access to a quality public education in order to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the global economy. This starts by ensuring every classroom in the state has a good teacher challenging and educating our students. We then need to give them the support and resources needed to do their jobs.

We must also refocus on building and protecting a world-class university and community college system. The economic security of our state depends upon us being a leader in higher education.

The Environment

North Carolina House Democrats support protecting our air and drinking water for future generations. We believe that responsible environmental policies and economic growth can go hand and hand and lead to a more prosperous economic landscape for future generations while protecting the quality of life North Carolina has become known for – from the mountains to the coast. We believe that when corporations pollute in North Carolina, the cost of clean-up should be the responsibility of the company responsible rather than being passed on to the hardworking taxpayers of North Carolina.