Which Is It? Representative Charles Jeter Tells Voters He Supports Repeal of HB2 – Then Aligns Republican Caucus With Right-Wing Anti-LGBT Group

Representative Charles Jeter is currently using his position as leader of the NC House Republican Caucus to promote a video paid for by the “Alliance Defending Freedom.” 

The “Alliance Defending Freedom” is notorious for promoting LGBT discrimination, including jail sentences based on sexual orientation. They have strongly endorsed HB2 in its entirety.

Rep. Charles Jeter has aligned his Caucus with an organization with a long and serious record of hate and discrimination against the LGBT community,” said Casey Wilkinson, Director of the NC House Democratic Caucus. “He’s telling his constituents one thing, and then using his role as Republican Campaign Chair to do the precise opposite.”

Under Rep. Jeter’s leadership, the Republican Caucus has launched a new webpage called www.keepnckidssafe.com that prominently features the video from the “Alliance Defending Freedom.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center says the Alliance Defending Freedom “has a record of sharp anti-gay bigotry.” The “Alliance Defending Freedom” has long been involved in controversial legal battles targeting the LGBT community including:

-  Supporting a law in Belize that allowed members of the LGBT community to be put in jail for up to 10 years.

-  Funding a legal challenge to a Pennsylvania law that provided basic protections from housing discrimination to the LGBT community.

-  Writing controversial 2014 legislation in Arizona that would have allowed businesses to deny services to gay and lesbian customers. That bill was ultimately vetoed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer.

“It seems Rep. Jeter is just as willing as the rest of the North Carolina Republican Party to try to divide our state using politics of intolerance,” added Wilkinson. “He should immediately condemn the Alliance Defending Freedom and support a full repeal of HB2 before North Carolina’s economy and reputation suffer any more damage.”


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